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Where two or more are gathered …

I invite you to join with me on a lightworker mission to heal the earth and heal ourselves. Let us work in God’s light on a project for each day of the calendar year. Our duty as stewards of the earth is to take care of it, cleanse its wounds, and help it to rise to a higher state as we all rise in our spirituality and our love.

I use the concept of directing God’s light to a situation, actually seeing in my mind what a better world looks like. Sometimes I call God “Spirit.” When you see that word, translate it to God, Buddha, Lord, Jesus, Universe—whatever is your way. Maybe you send prayers. My friend chants in Hawaiian. Whatever your spiritual practice, let us all be lightworkers working to envision a new and better world.

I invite you to spend a few minutes on each day’s topic in whatever way you choose as we work together on our mission. Together, our focus can help our earth to move into a new age of peace and a time when the lion will truly lie down with the lamb.

I see signs of this coming new world all around.

I have included a couple pages every month to remind us that even when the news seems dark, behind the headlines are many beautiful people doing wonderful things to help the earth rise. Other pages are for our own personal growth, and still others express our gratitude for being alive and working on this mission.

Lightworkers, will you join me?